15 czerwca 2017

V Przemyska Dycha

On Sunday, 24 September 2017 at 11:00am the fourth time we’ll meet in Przemysl on Kazimierzowska street to run through the main streets of Przemysl along the beautiful, picturesque and fast route of „Przemyska Dycha.”

We invite:

  • the runners who want to start their running adventure in Przemysl.
  • the runners who have not yet competed Przemysl.
  • the runners who participated in the previous editions of our race.

The idea of Przemyska Dycha:

Przemysl Street Run over a distance of 10 km is a unique project, created for the residents of Przemysl and the surrounding areas, as well as for the runners from all over Poland. The idea is strongly supported by the city authorities, under the auspices of the Mayor of Przemysl, Mr. Robert Choma.

This Running Festival is created by US – the Residents of Przemysl, the Runners, the Fans, the Volunteers.

Here dogs bark differently, the cats meow in a strange way,
the birds sing in a language of their own,
and people strangely prate,
Here’s Przemysl you’ve never known…

Enjoy !!!

Przemyski Klub Biegacza (Przemyśl Runner’s Club)